Container Dovetail Twist Lock

Container Dovetail Twist Lock

Twist-lock Bottom "U"Frame 45° 1.Product Introduction of theTwist-lock Bottom "U"Frame 45° This is designed and manufactured for trailer container chassis for carrying container as per ISO standards. Screw twist lock, dovetail twist lock with different sizes, casting and...

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Product Details

Container Dovetail Twist Lock 


1.Product Introduction of Container Dovetail Twist Lock 

This is designed and manufactured for trailer container chassis for carrying container as per ISO standards. Screw twist lock, dovetail twist lock with different sizes, casting and forged are available.


2.Product Parameter of Container Dovetail Twist Lock 

BL / TON   50

SC / TON   25

WEIGHT    6.8(kg)


We also supply different kinds of container twist lock for your choosing.

different type of sea container twist lock.jpg

Welcome to buy the Container Dovetail Twist Lock with our professional manufacturers and suppliers. The customized trailer solution is also available in our factory in accordance to your requirement.


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