Rubber Industry Future Trend

- Apr 18, 2017 -

1. What is the price of selling 300,000 tonnes of old plastic stocks in Thailand this time? Is expected to have much impact on the market?

The price of cigarettes is more than 70 baht / kg, the other is 68 baht / kg, higher than the cost. Rubber peasant march, to prevent the government out of plastic, because the price of plastic did not easily improve, the government has to suppress Jiaojia, so did not shoot success.

2. Rubber production is affected by tapping (taking into account the rise in labor costs, many people do not want to tapping) and the impact of new tapping area (for example, in 11 and 12 years rubber prices rise, the number of rubber trees is increased ), So how do you think the rubber production will change next year?

Rubber tree growth cycle in about 6 years, so the rubber produced next year are mostly from the 2009 ~ 2011 kinds of rubber trees planted. This year the global production of plastic 11.6 million tons, consumption reached 12.5 million tons, sales slightly larger than the output. 2017 at full capacity, the global production of plastic will not be more than 12 million tons, because the first increase although the opening area but tapping is the need for artificial. The current situation is the labor costs from the original 10 yuan / kg price increase to 12 yuan / kg, not many people are willing to tapping; followed by rubber trees in the first cut after the first year of production is not high, only Equivalent to 60% of the mature large rubber tree, cut into the fifth year to have a normal amount.

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