Proper Installation Of High Pressure Hose To Avoid Other Problems

- Apr 18, 2017 -

In the rubber industry, we can not blindly pursue high interests, more importantly, in the use of the product, can truly meet the needs of users, users can not buy the product, when the installation is not normal use, take high pressure Hose, many users in the installation time is very easy to problems, and our company is the development of the old product of the product, worthy of the user's trust, we can rest assured that the purchase, the following to understand the product in the installation process, What issues should we pay attention to.

The first thing to note is that the installation should be carefully checked before the high-pressure hose is cracked from time to time, and with a wooden hammer knock high pressure hose, listen to whether there is mute. If found to have cracks and mute, is strictly prohibited to use. Should also be correct whether the spindle speed of the machine tool with the high-pressure hose end point of the highest safe use speed consistent. When tightening the high pressure hose, only use a special manual nut wrench, the use of supplementary fixtures or beat tools. Also in the fastening, should pay attention to the nut or screw tightness, pressed enough to drive high pressure hose does not produce the degree of sliding force is appropriate to prevent excessive compression caused by high pressure hose damage.

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