For The Different Rubber Tube With The Pressure Of The Introduction

- Apr 18, 2017 -

Speaking of rubber tube products related knowledge, I believe that the majority of users is no stranger in daily life, industry has been widely used, we can see the application of the product everywhere, such as home water pipes, and some also use the rubber tube, There are rubber tube in the car, of course, oil used to transport oil also have rubber tube, so the rubber tube where the use is very wide. Rubber tube in accordance with the different applications with a variety of types, and different types of rubber tube and have different pressures, then you know what occasion, what pressure under what kind of rubber tube? This problem for our professionals to make The following explanation: air rubber tube: working pressure: 0.8Mpa Tianjin water supply rubber tube: working pressure: 0.3Mpa 0.5 Mpa 0.7 Mpa (0.3 Mpa ~ 0.7 Mpa) lose acid hose: working pressure: 0.3Mpa 0.5 Mpa 0.7 Mpa (0.3 Mpa ~ 0.7 Mpa) Heat-resistant rubber tube: Working pressure 0.40Mpa The following oil hose: Working pressure 0.3Mpa 0.5 Mpa 0.7 Mpa (0.3 Mpa ~ 0.7 Mpa) Sandblasted rubber tube: Working pressure: 0.63Mpa.

The company is mainly engaged in domestic and rubber design and manufacturing of professional manufacturers. I produced the rubber tube high-pressure tubing high-pressure steel hose hydraulic hose oil-resistant hose wear-resistant rubber tube suction hose steel pipe rubber pipe fully meet or exceed the national standard

Quasi-two times won the Hebei Province Quality Product Award. Modern production equipment, combined with a sound quality assurance system, as well as advanced production testing equipment, so that my company in the country enjoy a high reputation, and in the national market has a certain reputation.

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