Rocker Roller For Sales

Rocker Roller For Sales

As one of the leading manufacturer in China, after over 48 years develop, annual turnout 50,000 tons. Products cover the conventional leaf spring, parabolic leaf spring, Z-type trailing arm, double eye, slipper, hook-end leaf springs, widely used for heavy and light truck, trailers.

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Rocker Roller for sales

Part No.DescriptionLeaf SizeNo. of    Leavesa(mm)c(mm)h(mm)Fitting  WheelCapacity (KG)Surface Treatment
LHAU600705ASpring          Assembly60*75157778520414"2000Black/Galvanize/Dacromet

Welcome to buy the rocker roller for sales with our professional manufacturers and suppliers. The customized trailer solution is also available in our factory in accordance to your requirement.
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