Introduction of High Pressure Hose Assembly Knowledge

- Apr 18, 2017 -

High-pressure hose assembly is generally made of liquid-resistant synthetic rubber inner layer, middle layer, Ⅰ to VI steel wire weaving reinforcement layer, and weather resistance excellent synthetic rubber outer layer composition. It is mainly used in mine hydraulic support, oilfield mining, suitable for engineering construction, lifting transportation, metallurgical forging, mining equipment, shipbuilding, injection molding machinery, agricultural machinery, various machine tools and various industrial sectors mechanized, automated hydraulic system with a certain pressure (Such as mineral oil, soluble oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil) liquid, water-based liquids (such as emulsions, oil and water emulsion, water), gas and liquid transmission and other fields.

What is the composition of the high pressure hose assembly:

At present, in China's market appears sandblasting pipe is very much. It is undeniable that the sandblasting pipe provides a great convenience for our production. In particular, in addition to sandblasting hose wear, pressure, but also must be anti-static, in order to obtain the safety of construction workers and the surrounding equipment. So what is the composition of the sandblasting tube?

At present, China's market supply of sandblasting hose layers are added with carbon black, you can eliminate static electricity, can be assured use. Blasting hose consists of inner layer, reinforcing layer and outer layer, and the layers are connected with adhesive. The inner layer is directly in contact with compressed air and abrasive, and the abrasion resistance is quite high. Once the inner layer wear wear, the reinforcement layer is exposed, the blasting tube will burst. The enhancement layer is the pressure-resistant layer of the blasting hose. The material and structure of the reinforcement layer directly determines the pressure rating of the blasting hose. Common enhancement layer has two kinds of reinforcing layer and winding enhancement layer. The diameter of 50mm or more blasting hose is mostly used for the need to take a long sandblasting pipe construction occasions to reduce the pressure loss within the blasting hose to ensure that the normal construction of shot peening.

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