Hengli held in the first half of the marketing summary of the General Assembly

- Apr 18, 2017 -

The meeting informed the distribution of the first half of the division and the functional departments of the work, in a serious summary on the basis of the company leaders on the distribution division and departments in the first half of the work of the problems and highlights of the analysis and comments, and for Specific problems come up with a solution. The meeting pointed out that the first half of 2013 the company's distribution division and departments closely around the "500 million yuan revenue" goal, conscientiously carry out the work, to the end of June, has achieved 300 million goals. Although there is a certain distance from the annual target, but the first half of the distribution division and the various departments in the daily work of the highlights of the show is indeed remarkable, there are still some issues to be further resolved, hoping to work in the second half to avoid weaknesses, efforts to improve , In order to achieve the annual goal of continuous efforts. At the same time, the meeting stressed that the second half of the distribution division and the departments to further deepen the understanding of the current development of our company facing the situation, a clear goal of the development of the company, to promote the development of the company's strategic height, standing to improve the level of management And comprehensively understand the importance and urgency of reform, and constantly strengthen cross-sectoral cooperation, and constantly improve the personal management of quality, continuous improvement of work, improve work efficiency, timely correct and improve the work of the first half of the problems, , To achieve the goal of 500 million revenue.

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