FAW Volkswagen brake hose evaporation performance is relatively poor

- Apr 18, 2017 -

Automotive brake fluid market brands, but at the same time a lot of quality problems. January 2014, the Guizhou Provincial Trade and Industry Bureau found in the inspection of 27 brake fluid test failed. October 2013 Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Department sampling also found 21 brake fluid does not meet the standard.

How to choose high quality brake fluid to ensure the safety of car driving? In August 2014, the "Consumer Report" was sent to five best-selling automotive brake fluids to authoritative third-party agencies for testing, including Bosch, Mobil, Great Wall Ano, Ogina and FAW-Volkswagen. result

Shows that Bosch and the Great Wall of the basic performance of the performance indicators are more stable, Mobil's equilibrium return boiling point fluctuations, FAW Volkswagen's evaporation performance is poor.

Mobil brake fluid boiling point fluctuations

There are three main types of brake fluid in the market: DOT3 / DOT4 / DOT5.1. According to manufacturers of automotive brake fluid "two years 40,000 km" maintenance recommended, most of the owners choose better quality DOT4 brake fluid. Therefore, the magazine selected 5 brand brake fluid areDOT4 specifications.

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